About Us

Our story began over four decades ago when we established one of the first diners in Leeds. Through your continued love and support over the years, we have grown to become one of the best authentic curry houses in the city. In honor of our heritage and our commitment to quality and exceptional service, Taj has expanded to create a new restaurant. Whilst uplifting the dining experience through our bespoke flagship store, “Taj – Majestic Dining Restaurant” remains true to its foundations of exceptional service and quality.

Our Passion

Our passion for food drives us to work every day. The love of cooking and sharing good dishes with people is what keeps the doors open, so we can continue bringing you deliciousness your way! Serving since 1979. Taj has been founded on the underlying philosophy of providing an exceptional range of food coupled with unparalleled service. Taj’s foundations lie in providing a unique yet affordable dining experience.

Experience Our Food

When you dine at our restaurant, not only will your taste buds enjoy themselves but so too does the person sitting next to them. We have a menu full of delectable dishes that are sure to please any palate no matter what their preferences may be!


What's a meal without memories? The best part about eating at Taj Majestic is that it will make you feel like royalty. From the moment we walk in, our senses are filled with amazing smells and tastes from all around Pakistan! As soon as those plates come out of their warming ovens or smokers pulled into position near your table - there aren't many places better than this one for making personal connections over shared food experiences.